Closed Joint Stock Company "ROSDIAGNOSTIKA" was founded in 2005 in order to ensure the industrial safety and to perform diagnostics and non-destructive testing of underground pipelines in an urban setting.

Today "ROSDIAGNOSTIKA" is a group of companies that perform a wide range of expert services and are licensed to conduct the industrial safety reviews of hazardous production facilities (i. e. boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, gas distribution and gas transmission systems, elevators and other lifting equipment, petrochemical and nuclear energy facilities, etc.), possess all necessary permissions to perform energy saving inspections (energy audit), building and structural engineering, compliance assessment, non-destructive testing and various types of diagnostics.

Solid experience of contractual works for state and municipal requirements, engaging of qualified staff, and availability of a unique material and technical base allow "ROSDIAGNOSTIKA" successfully to perform works in the Russian Federation, as far as determine it's envy into foreign markets. "ROSDIAGNOSTIKA" already operates in several countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle East and negotiates for further mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign contractors.

"ROSDIAGNOSTIKA" has established itself as a forward-looking, responsible and reliable partner that professionally implements expert services and complex engineering projects in various industries.


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Ekaterina Papushoy